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Needle-Free Arterial Non-Injectable Connector (NIC)

The Needle-Free Arterial Non-Injectable Connector (NIC) with patented technology allows for routine sampling of blood whilst preventing intra arterial injection.

The device is proven to prevent microbiological contamination of the arterial sampling hub and intra luminal transition of bacteria to the patient.


  • Allows normal blood sampling (standard hospital procedure maintained) but prevents any injection or ingress of fluids into the arterial line.
  • Bacterial contamination is prevented because of the devices design and configuration thus preventing infection being transmission through the arterial line to the patient
  • The Needle-Free Arterial Non-Injectable Connector (NIC) prevents blood leakage should the three-way tap be left open
  • Contains a unique valve mechanism which prevents accidental injection into arterial lines


Arterial Fixation Device

An innovative fixation device that has been designed by practitioners which solves various problems with infusions and sampling from arterial lines.

The device makes the procedure of AC monitoring more intuitive for the practitioner, helping to reduce clinical risk for the trust.


  • Arterial Line Identification
  • Prevents accidental removal
  • Helps greatly with infection control
  • Full visual of the insertion site during use
  • Excellent stability of the insertion site and less trauma/pain for the patient


Left Radial Support Sling

Developed by a senior cardiac radiographer, the Radial Support Sling is designed to overcome various problems associated with a left radial access coronary angiography.

The device enables the patients left arm to be held in a comfortable position for both the patient and the surgeon whilst not impeding the imaging.


  • The operator does not need to lean across patient into the x-ray field.
  • The sling can easily be adjusted to the appropriate tension or size.
  • The sling takes less than 1 minute to apply and can be removed in seconds at the end of the procedure or if an emergency occurs during procedure.
  • The patient does not have to actively hold the left arm and can let the arm hang passively without drift occurring.


Pain Relief Catheter and Insertion Kit

A saturation catheter set that allows for the saturation catheter to be placed in a wound and local anaesthetic delivered via a pump for more evenly distributed pain relief.

Comprises of all the items necessary for catheter insertion:


  • 5ml syringe
  • Introducer needle with peel apart sheath
  • Bespoke catheter with bleed holes
  • Extension tubing set with fluid filter
  • Attachment strips and a bacteriological dressing


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