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Product Overview

Pain Relief Catheter & Insertion Kit


Saturation catheter set that allows for the saturation catheter to be placed in a wound and local anaesthetic delivered via a pump. Comprises of all the items necessary for catheter insertion.

The catheter contain a multiple holed section at the proximal area of the tip which is inserted into the body. All the holes are produced using a high intensity laser which produces sizes of 0.2 microns diameters, these are distributed evenly along the inserted section either side of the tubing 180° apart, to provide an even drug distribution. This arrangement of drainage holes allows the anaesthetic to provide pain relief to and around the point of pain following surgery.


  • more evenly distributed anaesthetic pain relief
  • effective use of pain relief post-op
  • accurate placement of pain relief
  • speed recovery
  • reduction of in-patient hospital care
  • not restricted to source of pain
  • actively promotes mobile recovery



Kit Contents:

  • 5ml syringe
  • Introducer needle with peel apart sheath
  • Bespoke catheter with bleed holes
  • Extension tubing set with fluid filter
  • Attachment strips
  • Antimicrobial dressing

All components within the kit allow a simple, easy, safe method of introducing the catheter – the introducer needle and peel away sheath provide entry into and tunneling for the catheter while the filter tubing set ensures safe connections to the pump while allowing the freedom of movement. Completing this is a bacteriological dressing to cover the catheter entry point. 

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