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The Needle-Free Arterial Non-Injectable Connector (NIC)


Arterial lines are used for sampling blood, but should never be injected into. Accidental injection of intravenous drugs may result in skin loss, necrosis, loss of limb or potentially death as outlined in the 2008 NPSA Rapid Response Report: “Problems with infusions and sampling from arterial lines”

The Needle-Free Arterial Non-Injectable Connector (NIC) allows normal sampling or blood withdrawal (standard hospital procedure maintained) but prevents any injection or ingress of fluids into the arterial line.

In addition the Needle-Free Arterial Non-Injectable Connector (NIC) prevents blood loss if the tap is left open, a problem which occurs when staff are distracted or prevented from completing their task in one operation.

Bacterial contamination is prevented because of the design and configuration of the device – as illustrated in the BACCN (British Association of Critical Care Nurses) posters and presentation below:

Arterial cathertisation is not without risk and a number of recognised complications are reported (Scales 2008) including:

  • Intra arterial injection of drugs intended for intra venous delivery is a frequent occurrence with potentially devastating consequences. Medication administration via an arterial catheter can lead to pain, motor dysfunction, gangrene, compartment syndrome and amputation (Sen et al, 2005)
  • Microbiological contamination of the arterial sampling hub and intra luminal transmission of bacteria to the patient is likely to occur with standard techniques if infection control procedures are suboptimal. Studies by Lucet et al (2010) and Kol et al (2008) conclude that the incidence of arterial catheter colonisation and catheter related blood stream infection is similar to that of central venous catheters.

The Solution:

  • The Needle-Free Arterial Non-Injectable Connector (NIC) with patented technology allows for routine sampling of blood whilst preventing intra arterial injection.
  • The Needle-Free Arterial Non-Injectable Connector (NIC) is proven to prevent microbiological contamination of the arterial sampling hub and intra luminal transition of bacteria to the patient. In laboratory studies the NIC hub was never contaminated and therefore no onward transmission of bacteria to the patient. 

The Needle-Free Arterial Non-Injectable Connector (NIC) was the Winner of 'National Patient Safety Award' 2011.

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