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Non Interchange Connectors

  • Prevent the inadvertent peripheral venous injection of agents intended for central venous, neuraxial or enteral administration.
  • Uncomplicated clinical use.
  • Integrated into or with standard locking luer ISO 594-1:1986 for emergency withdrawal.
  • Streamline profile for ease of use but also patient comfort.
  • Easily identified and prevention of fluid interchange.
  • Failsafe in use.
  • Non interchangeable with standard luer fittings for infusion of fluids.

Never Event List from the NHS England – 2013/2014 update

CVC Guidelines

The ISO (International Standards Organization) Committee – ISO TC210 JWG4, wish to establish a design or specification for non luer neuraxial connectors to reduce the risk of wrong route errors and maximise patient safety.

To this end Medical Device Creations is actively developing a number of methods to answer the problem – see NHS England list of “Never Events”.

Medical Device Creations are now developing solutions for,

#1 Epidural Lines,

#2 Arterial Fluid Line Bags,

#3 Potassium Solution supply control,

#4 CVC & PICC Lines with non interchangeable connectors – see CVC Guidelines

Example of extension tubes modified with NIC Connectors.

Epidural line examples fitted with NIC Connectors.

Plain Epidural Line prior to fitment with NIC.

Epidural prior.

Epidural assembled.


Alternative Designs

A Safety Non Interchangeable Connector System - the NIC concept presentation.

European patent.

Original epidural safety presentation.


Optical Speculum

  • Used for an ophthalmic procedure in which therapeutic agents are injected into the vitreous cavity of the eye.
  • A single device which acts as a speculum and eyelash guard and also provides an injection site guide.
  • Replaces current Intravitreal injection packs.
  • This single device speeds up the procedure which make it more comfortable and less traumatic for the patient.
  • Potentially the device will have a sponge attached/incorporated which will be soaked with an anaesthetic/antibacterial solution.
  • Projected savings of approx £5 per patient with potential total UK sales alone of 300,000 per annum.


MDC Latest News:

Intellectual Protection:

All three of the projects under development are either in the process of being granted (applications applied for and filed) or have already been granted patents.

Non Interchange Connectors

  • GB patent awarded
  • European patent (seven countries) awarded
  • USA patent applied for

Optical Speculum

  • GB patent awarded
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